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What should I do with my life?
What are you going to do after you graduate? For some people, this is an easy question. They have it all figured out, from where they are going to go to college to how they are going to land that first perfect job. For most though, choosing a path to take after high school can be overwhelming. So, here is a little help…

In Demand Careers
Wondering what career is best for you? Check out some of these leading industries:
Source: Career Voyages Click here to visit website.

Career Myths
Do you have to pick just one career for the rest of your life? This and other career myths are debunked.
Download Career Myths Article (PDF)

What are Benefits?
Not sure what benefits are and how they will affect you? CAWS explains the common types of benefits employers offer and why they are important when choosing a job. Read the Benefits Article. (PDF)

CAWS Can Help You Get Started
The student programs sponsored by the CAWS program are available to all students in the Cullman City and County schools systems (8th-12th grades). The programs have been developed to encourage the development of career skills and assist students with career choices.
  • 9th Grade “Keeping It Real” Program
    The “Keeping it Real” program gives area 9th graders “real-world experience” in paying household bills and making financial decisions for their “mock” family. During the program, students, who are assigned a family, job and income, visit 12 booths where they purchase everything from groceries to daycare. The students learn the value budgeting and making sound decisions when faced with unexpected expenses.  View Keeping It Real Presentation (PDF).
  • High School Career Fairs
    The Career Awareness Fairs allow students to network with representatives from local industries and learn about the various careers opportunities in the Cullman area, including co-op and internship opportunities. During the event, every student is given a Career Resource Guide. The Career Awareness Fairs are organized by the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce’s Education Committee and Existing Business and Industry Committee and is attended by area 10th grade students.
Other Great Resources
  • Dream It Do It
    Visit website.
    The Dream It Do It website matches students with careers through entertaining surveys and online tools. The website also features career profiles and other resources.
  • Career Voyages
    Visit website.
    The Career Voyages website gives students insight into career fields and identifies in-demand careers.
  • Interview and Résumé Assistance
    Find out how to land your next job with our interview and résumé tips. Visit the CAWS library.
  • Career Profiles
    Visit website.
    Learn more about the in-demand careers and find the best career for you on.
  • Sample Job Application
    Get some practice filling out job applications before you go out looking for a job. Know what information you need to take with you so that you can fill out the form accurately, the first time. Download here
  • Learn How to Become
    Visit website.
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