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2012 Educators Exchange Program
Applications are now being accepted for the 2012 Educators Exchange Program. The 2012 Exchange Awards are determined on a case by case basis, depending on the quality of the application and the availability of compatible business/industry participants and the recommendations from the school principal. For the 2012 Program, preference will be given to first-time participants.

The 2012 Educator Exchanges will consist of one day of orientation and five days in the business/industry AND drafting lesson plans for a classroom presentation.

A stipend will be paid approximately two weeks AFTER submission of daily logs and lesson plans. Stipends will be paid at a rate of $150 per full day in the business only if the full five day assignment has been completed, illness and emergencies excepted.

APPLY ONLINE for the 2012 Educators Exchange Program. Applications due April 12, 2012.

2012 Educator Exchange Awards Application
2012 Daily Log
2012 Evaluation Form
2012 Narrative Summary

2012 Guidelines
Those selected for the 2012 Educator Exchange Awards shall:
  • Work the agreed upon dates consecutively at the assigned business. Teachers will be expected to be on time and present every day and should dress appropriately for the assigned business.
  • Each educator receiving an Exchange award shall write lesson plans for integration of work-related skills and information into the existing curriculum.
  • Maintain a daily reflection log of business activities and events (see examples in the Educator Exchange Resources section of this site).
  • Each educator will prepare a one-paged typed narrative suitable for publication in newspaper, newsletters, magazines, etc. This narrative should reflect on the experiences during the externship and how it will impact your individual curriculum during the school year.
  • Attend a pre-exchange meeting (date and time to be determined).
  • Arrange a pre-exchange meeting with the contact person at the assigned business.
  • Turn in a daily log that has the total time worked and completed lesson plans no later than two weeks after the exchange period ends. (ALL materials must be completed and turned in prior to stipend payment).
All Educator Exchanges shall be expected to adhere to safety and confidentiality regulations for the individual businesses involved. Professional conduct is expected at all times.

About the Educator Exchange Program
The Educator Exchange Program was created to give educators a greater understanding of the workplace outside of the educational arena and the relationship between education and local industries. During the program, area educators work for one week during the summer at a local industry, keeping daily logs and submitting lesson plans based on their working experiences and how they relate to the classroom. For more information about the Educator Exchange Program or to get involved, contact Tanya Shearer at 256-352-8143 or by email.

Goals of the Program
  • To help Cullman area Educators visualize the connection between what they teach and how it is used in the real world
  • To develop lesson plans in the following school year that use business principles and examples, so students understand “Why do we have to know this?"
  • To maximize this dual investment by sharing lesson plans with other educators
  • To establish lasting relationships between educators and Cullman area businesses and industry
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