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American Proteins, Inc.
American Protiens in Hanceville, AL  
Contact American Proteins:
1170 County Road 508
Box 429
Hanceville, AL 35077
Phone: 256-352-9821
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American Proteins, Inc. is the premier provider of converting inedible poultry products into proteins and lipids for the animal kingdom. The API facility is located at 1170 County Road 508 in Hanceville, Alabama.

American Proteins services poultry plants in the southeast and markets its products both domestically and internationally. API products are used as ingredients in animal feeds and oils and have found a niche in the biodiesel or replacement for boiler fuels.

API’s Alabama factories provide conversion services to all poultry processing plants in the state and market the pet food product to national pet food companies. We have state-of-the-art equipment and an award winning wastewater treatment facility. API’s private fleet of tractor/trailers hauls 1300 loads per week in and out of the facility and is serviced by an in-house garage.

American Proteins, Inc. process systems require maintenance mechanics, electricians, process operators, environmental technicians, professional drivers, fleet mechanics, administrative, clerical, engineers and supervision/management.

API Hanceville division produces over 330,000 finished tons yearly and is the largest single poultry protein and lipid conversion factory in the United States.

Axsys Technologies, Inc.
Axsys Technologies in Cullman, AL  
Contact Axsys Technologies:
6717 AL Highway 157
PO Box 1588
Cullman, AL 35057
Phone: 256-737-5200
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Axsys Technologies, Inc., Precision Machined Products, also known as Speedring, LLC, has been producing hardware for the space and defense markets since the beginning of space flight. The company was founded in 1947 in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Cullman, Alabama in 1967. We have been located at 6717 AL Hwy 157 in Cullman since 1974.

Axsys has been involved in some of the most visible, high national priority space and defense programs of the last 50 years. Because of our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business; from financial growth, customer satisfaction, community service and employee involvement, in 2004 the Alabama Technology Network and the Business Council of Alabama named Axsys Technologies PMP the Alabama Medium-Sized Manufacturer of the Year. In 2008 Axsys was chosen as one of eight Alabama companies to receive the Governor’s Trade Excellence Award.

Axsys PMP currently employs over 230 full-time employees in a variety of positions aimed at supporting our customer commitments. Our average length of service for all employees is 16 years. Approximately 75 employees (33% of our workforce) have been with the Company 25 or more years. Axsys jobs range from shop-floor manufacturing and support positions to engineering, programming, sales/contracts, finance, administrative, clerical and supervision/management positions. All positions require a High School Diploma or GED Certificate and most manufacturing positions also require job specific certification from a post-secondary Technical/Vocational program.

Cullman Electric Cooperative
Cullman Electric Cooperative in Cullman, AL  
Contact Cullman Electric Cooperative:
PO Box 1168
Cullman, AL 35056
Phone: 256-737-3200
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Cullman Electric Cooperative is a member-owned electric cooperative serving residential, commercial and industrial members in Cullman, Morgan, Lawrence and Winston counties. Cullman EC was incorporated in 1936, serving 350 members with 30 miles of electrical line. Today, the co-op has more than 42,000 member accounts and maintains more than 3,300 miles of line.

Electrical services provided by Cullman EC include construction and maintenance of overhead and underground service, security lighting, a variety of billing and payment options, service connections, disconnects and resets and staking for new construction. We also place an emphasis on energy efficiency, providing members programs and information to help save energy and money on monthly electric bills.

Additional services including water billing for more than 10,000 customers of the Cullman County Water Department, sanitation billing in Cullman, Morgan and Lawrence counties, internet services through Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technology, collecting dues for area volunteer fire departments, electric generator financing, financial support for local teachers and students through our Operation Round-Up Program and annual college scholarships and helping members in financial need through Operation Share and the Home Utility Gift (HUG) Program.

Today, Cullman EC has approximately 100 full-time employees in positions that include linemen, staking technicians, engineering, equipment mechanics, purchasing and stores, accounting, finance, marketing, communications, information technology, metering and collections, theft prevention and investigation, cashiering, member service representatives, human resources, administrative and supervision/management positions. Qualifications, education and experience necessary can vary depending on the specific job requirements.

Cullman Power Board
Contact Cullman Power Board:
PO Box 927
Cullman, AL 35056-0927
Phone: 256-734-2343
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Cullman Power Board is a division of the Utilities Board of the City of Cullman and for over 50 years we have been serving the citizens of the City of Cullman, Alabama. Our service area covers about 22 square miles within and around the City of Cullman. Cullman Power Board provides and maintains over 200 miles of distribution lines. Today, we serve over 8,200 families in the City of Cullman by providing electricity to their homes.

Cullman Power Board is committed to providing our customers with the best customer service at the lowest possible cost. We are proud to serve the City of Cullman with some of the lowest rates in the State of Alabama and within the Tennessee Valley Area.

Cullman Regional Medical Center
Cullman Regional Medical Center in Cullman, AL  
Contact Cullman Regional Medical Center:
PO Box 1108
Cullman, AL 35056
Phone: 256-737-2000
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Cullman Regional Medical Center is a fully accredited 115-bed medical center that serves more than 150,000 residents in a six-county area and is recognized as one of the regions finest medical centers. The hospital, located at 1912 Alabama Highway 157 in Cullman, Alabama, is part of an extensive medical complex built in 1995 that contains some of the newest medical equipment and technology available today.

CRMC has $100 million in net revenue per year. We currently have 1,000 employees, 92 active physicians and 180 courtesy/consulting physicians. Employment opportunities include: Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Clinical Pharmacists, Ultra Sonographers and Paramedics.

CRMC is a Level III Trauma Center and a Tier I Heart and Stroke Center. Special services provided by CRMC include: Cardiovascular Center, Cancer Center, Women’s Services, Children’s Services, Orthopedic Center, Sports Medicine, Rehab Center, Outpatient Services Center, Critical Care Center, Sleep Disorders Center, Pain Center, Home Care Services and Hospice Services.

Cullman Regional Medical Center is in the top 10th percentile ranking in the country out of 5,500 hospitals in quality core measure outcomes and is in the top 20th percentile ranking in the Southeast for patient satisfaction. Recently, CRMC gained recognition in the July 2008 issue of the US News and World Report for accomplishment in the American Heart Association’s “Get With The Guidelines” Program. CRMC won the American Heart Association Silver Awards in Heart Failure, Coronary Artery Disease and Stroke. Cullman Regional Medical Center was also recognized as one of the top 25 Most Wired Small and Rural facilities nationwide. CMRC is the only Most Wired Small and Rural Hospital in Alabama.

The Medical Center is dedicated to promoting wellness by providing excellent healthcare services in the most efficient manner and exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

Louisiana Pacific
Louisiana Pacific in Hanceville, AL  
Contact Louisiana Pacific:
902 Main Street SE
Hanceville, AL 35077
Phone: 256-352-3100
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Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Louisiana Pacific is a leading manufacturer and distributor of building products. Founded in 1973, today we operate 29 manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada and one in Chili.

People across the building industry tell us the LP name represents quality, dependability and consistency. We strive to deliver innovative, high-quality building products to the retail, wholesale, home building and industrial customers. That’s how we like it: we thrive on our reputation for ethics and teamwork – both internally and with our customers.

Louisiana Pacific in Hanceville Alabama currently employees over 150 full-time employees in a variety of positions. LP’s jobs range from clean-up, shop floor manufacturing, maintenance, and support positions which include engineering, finance, administrative and supervision/management positions. Specific qualifications, education and experience vary depending on the actual job requirements.

McGriff Industries
McGriff Industries in Cullman, AL  
Contact McGriff Industries:
84 Walnut Street
PO Box 1148
Cullman, AL 35055
Phone: 256-739-0780
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In 1946 Bertis E. McGriff started working as a service station attendant in Cullman Alabama. Soon after he started work, Shell Oil decided to open a service station in Cullman. Knowing they would need a competent person to manage the new station, they decided to observe Bert and his colleagues during business hours to see if any of them were qualified to manage the new business. After two days of careful observation from across the street, the men chose Bert to manage the new station.

At that time, Bert had no idea that "someone was watching" or that his actions and professional conduct in serving the customer would within days provide him with the opportunity to manage a new business which would become known as McGriff Tire Company, Inc.

Seeing an opportunity to expand his business, he purchased a retreading mold for passenger and truck tires. Later, due to the poor quality of casings available during the early 1970's Bert got out of passenger retreading. He did, however, continue retreading truck tires. Today McGriff Treading Company, Inc. ranks among the top 5 truck tire retreaders in the United States.

Because service has been the company's main goal since 1948, the need for transportation became fully apparent in the 1970's. Needing the ability not only to make deliveries to the customer, but to pick up merchandise from the factories as well, a one-truck operation was started. Today McGriff Transportation, Inc. serves most of the United States as a full-service transportation company and consists of maintenance, leasing, brokerage and freight divisions.

Over the last 50 years McGriff Industries, Inc. has become a leader in the tire and transportation industries through Bert's leadership and commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Today, Bert also has a leasing company, Lease All Inc., which specializes in the needs of the automotive industry.

Bert's business philosophy is the same today as it was in 1948 - be fair, work hard, provide excellent customer service and do your best no matter what the job. After all, you never know when "someone is watching".

REHAU in Cullman, AL  
Contact REHAU:
2424 Industrial Drive SW
Cullman, AL 35055
Phone: 256-737-3028
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REHAU is the premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in construction, automotive industry. Founded in 1948 in the Bavarian town of Rehau, the company was successful in identifying many opportunities to replace traditional materials with more effective, polymer-based materials. More than 14,000 employees around the globe ensure our growth and success. We have approximately 500 employees working in our Cullman, Alabama facility.

REHAU invests in individuals who are performance oriented. Aside from the traditional management career path, we offer highly qualified employees the option of pursuing a successful career along our professional career path. Ideal candidates for REHAU Cullman will have at least a High School Diploma or equivalent. A technical background is preferred but not required.

Training and ongoing education are an essential component of the REHAU corporate policy. Our goal is to maintain the qualifications of our employees and to continuously expand them. Our training programs convey more than merely knowledge and abilities. Continuing education courses at REHAU are vital contributing factors to work satisfaction and employee motivation.

Professional education and development concepts allow every individual to develop themselves fully according to their abilities and performance. Our employees work together with their supervisors and Human Resources to plan internal and external qualification programs. REHAU has its own Training Department, which continuously ensures that our employees always remain up-to-date in matters of learning.

Topre America Corporation
Topre America in Cullman, AL  
Contact Topre America Corporation:
1580 County Road 222
PO Box 2250 (Cullman, AL 35056)
Cullman, AL 35057
Phone: 256-735-2600
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Topre was originally founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1935 as manufacturer of pressed components of automobile equipment. Topre Japan has since expanded its industries. In June 2004, Topre launched its first overseas production and sales subsidiary, Topre America Corporation in Cullman, Alabama. Shinichiro Uchigasaki was the first Topre America Corporation company president. He was followed by our current president, Hiroshi Chiba in April 2006. We are located at 1580 County Road 222 in Cullman, Alabama.

Topre America Corporation is an industry leader in metal stamping technologies. Topre produces parts for Calsonic, Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Topre America stands apart from the competition with our “Best and Only” technology and products, and is constantly expanding the scope of our business. Topre became one of the first manufacturers to succeed in using high tensile steel sheets. This material has and unusually high ratio of strength-to-thickness and was developed to accommodate the demand for safe and lightweight cars. Not only do we give shape to our customers’ designs, but we also strive to incorporate our own ideas to fulfill customer requests in the most effective way. Topre promotes superior, all-around research and development functions to back up this approach. In addition to an excellent technical development organization, we have strengths in many areas – structural design using CAD/CAE, state-of-the-art integrated production lines, and high precision testing, to name a few.

On February 2, 2007 Topre America Corporation was awarded registration for ISO 14001:2004. ISO 12001:2004 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an environmental management system (EMS) and enables organizations to development and implement a program for effective environmental performance. Topre America Corporation takes seriously the responsibility of actively supporting social and economic development in our community with the aim of enhancing the quality of life in Cullman County.

All job applicants for Topre America in Cullman must have a High School Diploma or GED. Some positions also require addition educational requirements such as an Associates Degree, a Technical School certification or a Four-Year College Degree.

Wal-Mart Distribution
Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Cullman, AL
Contact Wal-Mart Distribution:
2200 7th Avenue SW
Cullman, AL 35055
Phone: 256-739-0763
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The first Wal-Mart opened in 1962 in Rogers, AR. Today there are 7,096 stores worldwide with 4,114 U.S. retail units. Wal-Mart serves more than 176 million customers weekly in 14 countries worldwide. Our annual sales for FYS 1/31/07 were $344.9 billion. We employ more than 1.36 million associates in the United States and another 550,000 internationally for a total of more that 1.9 million associates worldwide.

In 2006, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. gave more than $300 million to support its 6,700 worldwide communities. That’s more than $5.8 million per week. Wal-Mart is recognized as the largest corporate cash contributor in America, donating more than $270 million to support its 4,000-plus U.S.-based communities in 2006.

The majority of Wal-Mart’s charitable contributions are directed at the local level, where Wal-Mart customers and associates live and work. The Wal-Mart & Sam’s Club Foundation supports approximately 100,000 organizations in the U.S.

In the State of Alabama, as of September 2007, the total number of associates in Alabama was 38,880. Associates receive competitive pay and benefit packages in their respective business units along with performance based bonuses.
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