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President - Susan Guthries, Royal Technologies
Vice President - Susan Guthries, Royal Technologies
Treasurer - Carl English, Topre
Secretary - Tanya Shearer, CAWS
Immediate Past President - Dan Plank, Rehau

Executive Committee
CAWS Officers
Advisory Committee Representative – Susan Eller
Chamber of Commerce Representative - Kirk Mancer

Advisory Committee
Adult Education Representative - Kelley Blackwood
Community College Representative - Suzanne Harbin
Economic Development Representative - Dale Greer and Susan Eller
Industry Representative - Judy Bradford
Secondary/Career-Technical/University Education Representative - Dr. Bridgette Chandler
Workforce Development Representative - Dr. Philip Cleveland
Workforce Investment Representative - Sandra Rhodes

CAWS Focus Groups
The Educators Focus Group targets educators, counselors and other personnel in the K-12 school system (both city and county) to help them understand the value of all career paths and give them opportunities to link what they teach in the classroom to practical applications in the work place.
Chair: Carl English, Topre America

The Students Focus Group works with area students to make them aware of career opportunities available to them in the Cullman area. The group also identifies opportunities to educate students about real life situations to help them be better prepared to enter the workforce and make sound life choice decisions.
Chair: T.J. Franey, Cullman County Schools

The Employers Focus Group works with area businesses and industries to assist with any workforce development needs. This may involve worker skill gaps and helping to identify training resources to fill those gaps, targeting funding available for training and skill enhancement, and assistance with doing “whatever it takes” to provide them with a fully qualified workforce to meet their employment needs.
Chair: Judy Bradford, Axsys Technologies

Underemployed / Dislocated Workers
The Underemployed / Dislocated Workers Focus Group targets those individuals who may be currently working in a low paying job because they do not have the skills needed to qualify for a better position, as well as workers who may be affected by business closings. The group also addresses the large number of Cullman County citizens who commute outside the area to work.
Chair: Kelley Blackwood, Wallace State Community College - Adult Education

Marketing / PR
The Marketing / PR Focus Group is responsible for developing methods of communication, informing the public of the CAWS partnership and targeting different promotional campaigns. Projects include the creation of a quarterly Cullman Times supplement to inform residents about area career opportunities and the skills needed to qualify for the positions, maintenance of the CAWS website, and other marketing and public relations materials.
Chair: Dale Greer, Cullman Economic Development Agency

Income Development / Funding
The Income Development / Funding Focus Group works on identifying resources available to enable the CAWS group to fund current and future projects. The group works toward assuring that the CAWS effort is sustainable by having the resources needed for success.
Chair: Suzanne Harbin, Wallace State Community College
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